Tool for importing rooms generated by RGBitsy back into finished game data (as html or txt).

Only the ITM data (additional color layers to be pasted onto the silhouette) is transferred. Any other sprites or items present should be unaffected.

See for more information.

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Tags2D, 8-Bit, Bitsy, Colorful, Pixel Art


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works really well!!! took me a moment to realize i had to first copy the silhouette into the game data and then use this which i kno u mention it in the description above, but i guess my reading comprehension is bad lmao

this is really fantastic tho! thank u so much for making these tools!!! its crazy how i havnt seen anyone use these (tho to be fair i've been depressed and too tired to visit the bitsy discord nor have been playing any bitsy games >.>;;)

you've really made something brilliant!!


Thank you for the support :) I know a few folks have given it a go but it's not the easiest thing to get working and still requires some file edits, so probably a few barriers for some. When I have more feedback I will try to make the process smoother.  Excited to see what you make with it!

yeah im rly hoping i get my current game done (which with discovery of your tool might actually make it feasible!!!) but if not this one.. then some other game haha im still in a mostly drawing stage but so far i tried constructing the 2 rooms i made semi done and its worked rly well!!! (both rooms have abt 8 colours >.>) it does make it harder to do tiles but i think i've figured it out more or less.. just like choosing a colour with least uses to be tiles so then easy enough to make them be walls and then put empty wall tiles behind everything else lol

im totally planning to do a dev log for my workflow once i actually u kno make a game and figure out the workflow better haha