Tool for generating sprites/items for Bitsy from color images.

1. Load image

  • Choose an image file to upload.
  • Optionally, you can import a palette from an existing Bitsy room by pasting it into the text box.
  • You can zoom the image, move it around, show/hide the grid, zoom the grid, alter saturation and lightness.
  • Choose the version of Bitsy you are using (regular or HD).
  • Choose whether to use dithering to smooth color transitions.
  • Choose how many colors you want to use (up to 16).
  • Click the button to process the colors.
  • You can click on the colors to lock them (grey borders) or double-click to pick colors from the image, and re-run.
  • If you imported a palette, you can drop colors (dark red borders) to eliminate them from the processing step.

2. Choose tiles

  • First click to select the tile that you want to use as the "anchor" for your sprite (shows in red). The sprite coordinates later on will refer to the position of this tile.
  • You can add additional tiles to the sprite, which will show in blue.
  • Choose the palette color that will be considered as background (blue border).
  • Click the button to extract the tiles selected.

3. Edit the sprite

  • Choose colors from the palette and draw on the sprite to edit pixels.
  • When you are happy with the sprite, you can export it as either ITMs or SPRs.
  • Choose a room number and the coordinates in the room where the sprite will be placed. If the palette was not imported in step 1, the palette number in the data files is set to match the room number.
  • Click to download the room data or copy to clipboard.
  • To use your sprite as the player avatar, download/copy the hackOptions and paste into the multi-sprite-avatar hack.

You will also need to insert the transparent sprites and permanent items hacks to get the images to display properly. To make the RGBitsy items permanent without affecting the normal behaviour of other game items, use the following hackOption:

itemIsPermanent: function (item) { return'_'); }

Good luck and have fun!

Want to make a whole room from your image? Use RGBitsy.

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